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ATLAS outcomes confirmed: 10 years is superior to 5 years of tamoxifen therapy in prevention of breast cancer recurrence
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CHICAGO - Clifford Hudis, MD, President-Elect of ASCO, shares his thoughts on the global repercussions of the aTTom study, presented at today’s plenary session at the ASCO Annual meeting.
In the phase 3 randomized study conducted by Gray and colleagues, over 6,000 patients were randomly assigned to tamoxifen for 5 years or 10 years. Fewer recurrences were seen in the 10-year group compared with the 5-year group (16.7% versus 19.3 %). Results were similar to the those of the ATLAS trial presented at the 2012 San Antonio Breast Cancer Symposium, offering a reliable protocol in the post-operative adjuvant setting in hormone-sensitive invasive breast cancer.
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